Fogonero Venezuelan Food

Venezuela had great migratory movements, its climate, location, landscapes and natural resources were the main attractions of the South Gate for those who were in search of new destinations. These people came to our land and with this aspiration in mind, they enriched our plurality in customs, culture and gastronomy. Fogonero is the expression which shows that we are not ethnically pure and like the ones who were born in our land as well as the ones who came to it by their own choice. People who are also well known as Venezuelans, the same as the ones who loved, loves and will love it and made of it his home; behind a Venezuelan Fogon always coexist the plurality of its races, flavors and customs that seek to fill with satisfaction the palate and the hedonistic soul of our people. What is tasty about our cuisine is the harmony of the availability of our soil and coasts with the way of cooking of the Creoles and Foreigners that came to our land, the result of our miscegenation is the integration of American, European and African culinary currents where in each dish in a very harmonious way you can find salty, sweet, spicy and acid elements that produce an Explosion of memorable flavors and aromas that create sensory experiences of delight and enjoyment”. Welcome to FOGONERO.