Mushroom Cultivation Workshop with Central Texas Mycological Society

Join Central Texas Mycological Society for a talk about what people are calling the “earth’s internet.” Everyone is talking about the invisible, underground network that connects most plants and distributes water and nutrients. This workshop will give you the practical knowledge to learn how to use spent mushroom substrate (SMS) to build healthy soil, sequester carbon, increase water retention, feed the soil web, your plants and eventually you! This workshop will cover the basic biology and then we will show you low-cost and low-tech ways to recycle SMS and other organic matter back into the soil and also grow delicious Vitamin D filled culinary mushrooms! These basic techniques require no special equipment or electricity, and can all be done outdoors using organic materials found on most farms and gardens. Let’s build healthy soil together!

This program is for those 18 and up only and we do not have meeting room space for extra guestsWe apologize for any inconvenience. Register starting March 11.

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